I’m tired of being blind
Thinking that you are one of a kind
I always had the mission to find someone
But I’m never sure when to be done
Sometimes letting it go is the best way
Because my sanity is too precious
To be thrown as a price to pay
My paranoia keeps me suspicious

There are more important things in life
At least for now
It’s not good to think about the knife
In the beginning of the round
As I said, she is not a one of a kind
That is just a trick made by your mind
The hope that the journey has come to an end
You have seen nothing, my friend

The solution is right in front of you
A whole universe is staring
Waiting to see what you can do
Be daring
The bold are the remembered ones
Deal with life the way a hero does

Publicado por Vinicius Souza Vitalli

Psicólogo formado pela Universidade Estadual de Londrina (Bachelor's in Psychology). Metendo o louco pelo mundo para ver no que dá. Atualmente in Dublin. (Currently living in Dublin). Tenho o objetivo de auxiliar as pessoas com seus respectivos objetivos.

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